Monday, January 20, 2014

Cutesy Gift Box Place Settings

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Party planning can be so much fun!  I am a gal who adores tablescaping, so most times when I set the table for a get-together, I like to include place settings. Today's post will feature how to decorate adorable mini gift boxes to suit the theme of your party.  I hope you enjoy.  You will need:

Mini boxes, one for each of your guests
Scrapbook paper, two kinds
Thin ribbon
Ruler or straight edge
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Hole punch

First, place your scrapbook paper with the designed side facing downward.  On the backside, draw a template of your box. 

Once your template is complete, you can use it as a reference for all of the rest.  Cut out, but cut the form out slightly larger than it is.  It's always easier to take away excess, but near impossible to add extra paper if needed. 

Bead hot glue onto the bottom of your mini box.  

Place onto the center of one of your templates. 

Next, fold up and glue down one side at a time, trimming away any excess each time.  Fold up, glue down, and trim.  Repeat until all sides are completed.




Repeat the same process for your box tops.  Voilà! 

Since these mini boxes were intended to be an element of a (Victoria's Secret Themed) Valentine's Day Tablescape, I wanted the nametags to coincide with that theme.  However, you likely can use this process for any party you are planning.  

My nametags began as a large sheet of scrapbook paper. I folded and folded it down to a size I felt would look good on the little boxes.  

Cut along all the folds so that you have several small cards. 


Next, I drew a heart, and cut them all out.  I used a holepunch to make a hole in each. 

I adorned each mini box with a small ribbon.  

First, I tied it down.

Next, I threaded the ribbon through the holepunch,

and tied it down again.

 Add a standard small bow.  All set!!  You may even opt to place a small trinket or treat for your guests inside each prior to closing. 

Where to buy:
Mini boxes and striped paper, Michael's Crafts
Large scrapbook paper and ribbon, Walmart. 

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