Monday, December 21, 2015

DIY Opulent Charger Plates

When setting a fabulous table, the accoutrement are just as important as the tablescaper's style.  A few weeks ago while planning my Christmas tablescape for 2015, I was at my local Hobby Lobby when I came across these burlap covered chargers.

Although more rustic than what I wanted to work with this year, I still liked the idea.  It appeared that the burlap had been glued onto plain chargers.  I decided to give making my own a try.  

To make chargers, you will need:

Plastic charger plates
A fabric of your choice
Very sharp scissors
A sharp Exacto knife or cutting tool

I began with this beautiful brocade fabric.

The reverse is gorgeous too, but I decided I liked the pattern where the gold was more prevalent, because I was making these for Christmas.

I had these inexpensive chargers on-hand that I knew I'd likely not use again without painting or upgrading them somehow.  They are definitely showing their age!

I coated each charger plate generously with ModgePodge using a paintbrush to paint it on.

Gently press the fabric into the charger plate.  Once the fabric is semi-dry, use scissors to cut away.  When completely dry, use the Exacto to remove any frays.

*****Hindsight tip.  It was not necessary to ModgePodge over the top of the fabric.  Believe it or not, it caused the fabric not to adhere as well, and it also compromised the color.  

All set!

To see these brocaded chargers featured in my 2015 Christmas tablescape, you may do so by visiting the post on my blog Parsimonious Décor Darling here.  This project was easy, and you likely can use any fabric!  I may even try tartan plaid for next year!

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