Tuesday, June 2, 2015

No-Sew Denim Rag Coasters Or Placemats

Are you a fan of retro?  Pure Americana?  Well, I certainly am!  One thing that's almost as American as apple pie is denim jeans.  Pairing a plain white T-shirt with an iconic pair Levi's or other denim is a staple of American fashion that likely will never go out of style.  For this year's Independence Day, I thought I'd pay tribute to simpler times with denim rag coasters.  You can also use this method to make placemats.  Slightly imperfect, they remind me of the fabric of our country, also bound with its imperfections, yet when we work together, we become much stronger as one (corny, I know, I know....but I am a huge sentimental softie).  

You will need:

Denim of varying colors
Heavy-duty double-sided tape
Large denim iron-on patches
Ruler or straight edge, if so desired

Cut your denim into strips approximately 1-inch wide,  6-inch long strips for coasters, or 1-inch wide, 14-inch long strips for placemats.    I usually donate all my kiddos' outgrown jeans to Goodwill twice per year, but this past December, I saved a couple pairs.  You can use old jeans, which I prefer because of the worn, washed look, or you can use new denim.  If you want a refined, more streamlined effect, use the ruler to carefully measure and cut each piece.  I wanted a country-prim look for mine; I just snipped away without the imperfections were a plus for me!

Weave the pieces together in a simple basket-weave pattern, and attach the undersides with double-sided tape.  Trim any major frays.

Lay the coasters onto the sticky side of your iron-on patches, and iron them.  I used these extra-large patch iron-ons from Walmart.

 Trim away any excess.

All set!

On my plate.

To see these featured in my 2015 Independence Day Tablescape, please visit the post on my blog Parsimonious Décor Darling here.

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