Monday, December 15, 2014

Easy Scandinavian-Inspired Fabric Christmas Ornaments's cold outside!  Cold weather is the perfect time to don your favorite cozy sweater and relax in front of a warm fireplace or get outside in the snow swishing down slopes.  My Christmas décor this year has a lodge theme, so I thought it might be fun to make some handmade ornaments that remind me of a quaint little Scandinavian village where you might do just that.  I hope you enjoy the post.

You will need:
Styrofoam balls
Paper clips
Hemp thread
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Round object for measuring

I'll begin by saying I had quite a time finding "fair isle" fabric and a lot of folks didn't know what I was talking about at all.  My idea had been to find fabrics that looked like sweaters and make the ornaments out of that.....but I guess I'd have to learn to knit again (I haven't done so since I was little), and I was in a time crunch.  I settled on these fabrics:

I liked this red and white fabric, because it almost looked like fair isle,

and this grey one because it was soft, and I thought the damask pattern was pretty.  It also reflected light with highs and lows of grey, which I thought would look good on the tree.

Begin by placing a round object on your fabric.  I used a saucer.  The circumference of the saucer should be large enough so that the fabric you cut out will cover your Styrofoam completely.

Trace the circle with a pen.

Cut out.

Place the fabric pattern-side down.  Set aside.

To make hooks for your ornaments, bend and

cut paper clips into three little U-shaped parts.

Shown here.

Gently push the "U" into the top of your Styrofoam ball.

Bead a small amount of glue onto it to ensure it will stay in place.

Place your ball hook side up directly in the center of your fabric cut-out.

Now, slowly turn, fold, glue, turn, fold, glue, creating pleats, until the ball is completely covered.

Make sure you do not cover your hook.

Thread the hemp thread through the hook, and tie.

Finally, adorn with a small bit of ribbon, making sure you cover the tied portion, and glue the bow's center onto the top of the completed ornament.  Viola!

You may also thread the ball like so prior to adding the fabric, but I found the bows stay on better if the tied thread is there to grip onto rather than it being inside underneath the fabric.

You may also opt to use thin ribbon for hanging, like I've done here.

The options are limitless!

To see these ornaments featured on my tree this year, you may view the post on my other blog Parsimonious Décor Darling by clicking here.  I hope you are enjoying the holiday season!!

Fabric, grey and snowflake, Joann's Fabric
Scandinavian red and white fabric, Hobby Lobby
Styrofoam balls, The Dollar Tree, 3 large/$1 and multipack sized, $1
Hemp thread and ribbon, also The Dollar Tree

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