Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Easy Saint Valentine's Door Hanger

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Wow!  Certainly, the most consistent thing about California weather is that it is rarely consistent.  As I write this post, it is beginning to pour outside....which is such a contrast to my Parsimonious Décor Darling post on 1/24, during which, the temperature was well into the 80s. That tends to work as a double-edged sword, fun if you have to run errands (and catch cold like I did), but perfect for crafting indoors!!  Today's very overdue post will feature how to make a really easy door hanger just in time for Saint Valentine's Day.  I hope you enjoy!  
You will need:

One large poster board
Assorted rose stems, approximately 16 to make two hangers
Standard wire dry-cleaning hangers
A saucer or other small round object
A ruler
Writing utensil
Crafting scissors or plier tool
Industrial-strength hot glue gun and glue sticks

Begin by removing the paper from your wire hanger. 

Stretch the hanger so that it resembles a quasi-triangle. 

Place the hanger onto your poster board.  Mark with a pencil. 

Where you have marked, use the saucer to draw two overlapping circles.

This will form the top portion of a heart. The overlapping circles should be larger and slightly outside the perimeter where you have marked. 

Now, use the ruler to form and draw the bottom portion of your heart shape.  

The hanger should fit just inside the form. 

Cut out. 

I cut an additional amount away from the top of the heart to make it look more defined. 

With an industrial-strength glue gun, bead glue over the top of the wire hanger.  Hold it down long enough for it to cool. 

Once glued down in an ample amount of places, add your flowers. 

Add and scupt around the template until your hearts are completely filled in. I used three colors; lavender, pink, and red.  You may opt to use a monochromatic color palette if you prefer a more refined look. 

Use your crafting tool to close the hanger top.  

Thread ribbon through the loop and create a bow.  

I repeated this step with a smaller red will then have one larger bow with one smaller one in front.  

Dot glue to hold in place. 

Finally, I used the last coordinating color (lavender) to hang the ornament.

Thread the thin ribbon through one of the bow loops.  



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  1. Look at your pretty flower hearts! You always have something fun going on here.

    Our weather has been inconsistent of late, too. I wish it would make up it's mind!

    Happy Valentine's Day!