Saturday, May 16, 2015

Simple Patriotic Garden Hat Hangers

Hello, and thank you for stopping by today!  I can't believe it is again almost Summer!  The days certainly fly by rapidly!  Summer typically means outdoor BBQs, fun in the sun, and great weather.  It is also the time that we celebrate our country's independence, and just prior to that, we pay respect to our fallen for Memorial Day.  Today's tutorial are simple patriotic hat hangers that are interchangeable whether you are celebrating the 4th of July or Memorial Day.  I hope you enjoy the post!

For two hangers, you will need:

Two garden sun hats
Faux flowers of red, white, and blue
Four mini flags
Two patriotic bows
Staple remover

I began by adding a patriotic ribbon to my hats.  Each of these ribbons has a pliable twist-tie, so I simply threaded it through the hat and twisted it onto itself.


Shown here.  I didn't bother to remove the original ribbon, because I sort of enjoyed the layering of the ribbon, and I'm sure I will reuse them sometime in the future.

I starched and ironed the mini flags so that they would lay flat.

Each of these flags were constructed with tiny staples and a small wooden dowel.


Using a staple remover, I removed the staples on two of the flags.  I flipped them over, and reattached them.  Now, instead of four flags facing all the same direction, I have two that face left and two that face right.

I used elastic to attach each flag.  I threaded the elastic through the hat,

tied it on the backside,

and slipped each dowel through the loops I created.

Next, I clipped one stem of red, white, and blue for each hat, and carefully threaded it through the wicker of the hat.

Finally, a small bit of red ribbon was threaded though the very top of the hat to use as a hanger.

Completed hangers.



I opted not to use any hot glue or anything permanent....making it easy to disassemble for use in the future.  This project was cost-efficient too, each hanger cost less than $15!!!  ;)

Where to buy:

Garden hats, local nursery
Floral stems, Hobby Lobby
Patriotic bows, Big Lots
Mini Flags and Ribbon, The Dollar Tree

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  1. The hats are cute as they can be! Straw hats are such a nice summer decor item and by putting a patriotic flair into the decorations they are marvelous for memorial day.

    1. Thank you, Candy! They were so easy to make, too! I hope you are enjoying your Summer!

  2. So cute! love the hats, very clever!!!!