Thursday, October 1, 2015

Festive Fall Topiary Door Hangers

Is fall in full-swing where you live?  We just beginning to see signs it may arrive here in California! 

In anticipation of the changing season, I thought, why not try an upgraded version of an old one for Autumn?  One of the first pins I found when I initially opened my account on Pinterest came from the blog In My Own Style.  In the post, blogger Diane Henkler introduced a very simple way to create wonderful decorative Christmas sprays for her outdoor lanterns by using floral foam and a wire hanger.  So incredibly clever.  You may visit her post here

In today's post, I am utilizing that simple idea to create festive topiary door hangers with harvest baskets.  I hope you enjoy the post! 

To make two door topiaries, you will need:

Two wire hangers
Two baskets
Two floral foam blocks
Hemp twine
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Wire cutters or floral tool
Foam pumpkins

Begin by removing any paper from your wire hanger.  Stretch the hanger length-wise.

Manipulate the wire of the hanger

so that it just fits around the floral arranging foam, and tie down with the hemp thread.

To add my hanging baskets, I used a roll of medium-width ribbon, approximately one inch wide.

I loved the sparkle and subtle pattern of the ribbon.

Measure two equal strips of ribbon for your door hangers.

Thread the ribbon through the bottom of your folded hanger,

through the top of the basket,

tie and glue down with hot glue.

Use the wire cutters to remove the foliage,

reserving two fuller foliage sprays and setting them aside for later.

I found that hanging the topiaries from the cabinets in my kitchen

as I added all the elements worked wonders.

Continue to fill in until a full, rounded ball forms

To add a little bit of harvest charm, I cut two of the stems from the leftover trimmed foliage

shown here,

and gently pushed it into the foam pumpkin,

and into the foam at the top of my hanger.

On the very tip-top of the basket, I used a pretty plaid pattern ribbon

and tied it into a double bow. Use hot glue to hold in place.

Almost the two reserved foliage sprays just inside your baskets.

Fluff and rearrange the foliage where you see any gaps.

Finally, here is a look at the hangers on my front doors.

Very festive, fun, and easy too!

To see these featured in my post with the rest of my Fall décor for 2015, you may visit the post on my blog Parsimonious Décor Darling by clicking here.

Where to buy:

Thin ribbon, fuller floral sprays, and baskets, Michael's Crafts
All other floral, foam pumpkins, plaid ribbon, foam blocks, and hemp thread, The Dollar Tree

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