Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Easy Inexpensive DIY Ornaments

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Today's tutorial will be about how to make your own inexpensive ornaments.  As we are in October as I write this post, these are fall-themed ornaments I am making.  However, you may use this tutorial for any kind of foam ornament you'd like to create...the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!! 

You will need:

Foam bowl-filler decorations of your choice
Thin or small-size paper clips
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Wire-cutting craft scissors

First, clip your paper clip precisely in the middle where the small curve is. 

The inner arch will be removed to create this little U-shaped pin. 

Next, clip the remaining portion of the pin in half as well, creating two more U-shaped arches. 

From the one paper clip, you should now have three little U-shaped arches.  

Gently press the arch into the foam bowl-filler.  I found these adorable sparkly pumpkin bowl fillers at Big Lots.  The box cost $2.49 for 44 bowl-fillers. 

Bead a small amount of hot glue around the arch.  Complete as many as needed equivalent to the amount of ornaments you have.  Set aside.

Next, take a paper clip and cut it right at the bottom of the side opposite the double loop. 

You will now have a small hook.  Thread it through your ornament.

Use your crafting scissors to carefully close the loop. 

Gently pull open the other side.  Taaa-Daaa!  Instant Hook.  :)  Your ornaments are now ready for use!  Factoring in the cost of the paper clips, this project cost less than $5 to complete the 44 ornaments.

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