Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Festive Halloween Wreath

Hello friends!  Thank you for visiting my blog!  It will be Halloween in only a couple of weeks!!  So much fun!   My three-year-old chirps to me almost daily in the cutest voice, "I can't wait to be Minnie Mouse!"  Ahh, the simple pleasures of childhood. :)

In honor of the season, the next couple of posts will be Halloween-geared.  Today's post is how to make wreaths using inexpensive items from the 99¢ store.  The total cost to complete two wreaths is less than $10. 

You will need:

Two pie tins
Assorted black flowers
Assorted black foliage
Creepy elements such as mice, spiders, skulls, etc.
Glue gun and glue sticks
Black ribbon
Sharp scissors

Begin by removing the innermost area of the pie tin.  Flatten by pressing down. Careful!  Edges are sharp. 

Cut two even pieces of ribbon. Glue the ribbon down onto the tin circle in a loop fashion. 

Next, begin gluing foliage and flowers around the perimeter of your tin circle. 

If you prefer a simpler design, you can stop here.  

If you are a person who enjoys the ooky-spooky side of Halloween, adorn your wreath with some spooky or creepy elements. 

I chose mice, 99¢ for the bag of five, a skeleton garland, which included four skeletons for 99¢, and this lovely branchy limb, also 99¢.  What I like most about this branch is the faux spiders that come already attached.  

Dismantle the garland by cutting the hemp thread and removing it.  Cut and divide the branch as evenly as possible for the two wreaths.  Add spooky elements around the perimeter of your wreath.  

Finally, place skeletons on either side of the wreath.  All done!!

After hanging these on my door, shown here, I think they were a bit small, so I decided to hang them in the house.  Note to self:  Measure. Lol. 

It works just as well for indoor, if not better.  Shown here. 

What I love about this project is that I didn't have to go though the tedious task of trying to remove the residual hot glue.  It actually looks like spider webs, so I opted to leave it there.  

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