Friday, July 19, 2013

Easter/tea time hat

It's amazing sometimes what you can find without even looking. On a recent trip to the dollar store in search of tiny teacups, I was fortunate enough to come across these adorable straw hats. 

I was immediately thrilled because I'd been looking online for the exact same thing, had found it, but at a much more expensive price. I was in the throes of planning a tea party, and I thought it would be fantastic if each girl received a hat and parasol as party favors. I'd found this adorable hat as an inspiration. 

However, at nearly $30 a pop, it just didn't seem feasible. I decided I could make an adorable (and less expensive) knock off. 

Using assorted faux flowers I also found at the dollar store,

And tulle tutus (also $1)

I began by trimming the flowers. 

Next, I cut along the seam of the tutu. 

I removed the top waistband. 

Now, we have a long piece of tulle, which I cut into thirds to use on three hats. 

I rolled the top of the piece of tulle three times, and using a hot glue gun, glued it down. 

After it cools, strategically place the flowers, glue them down. 

Slightly bend the stems toward the hat, so that they aren't poking out. Only slightly; these have sharp edges....and glue down. 

Last, cover up the unsightly stems by gluing leaves onto them. 

All done!! Ready for a lovely afternoon tea. 

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