Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Create a Spooky-Cool Halloween Centerpiece

Hello, friends!  Thank you for visiting my blog!   Halloween is just around the corner!  In light of this, I thought I would share a super-easy spooky-cool centerpiece idea!  I was planning a tablescape this year with a Burton is my process.

My supply list:

One large coffin with Styrofoam insert
Pumpkin figurine
Fake plastic skulls
Black spray paint
Wooden dowel or skewer
Tan paint
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

I began by tracing my coffin to create a template.

Shown here.

Cut out.

Trim to size until the cardboard fits just inside your coffin.  Hot glue the cardboard template onto the Styrofoam to create a platform.

Spray paint black.  Set aside to dry.

Next, I removed the hat from my little figurine, I think he resembled a Tim Burton pumpkin much more without it.  :)

Here is a glimpse of Mr. Burton's exhibit at MOMA NYC (Museum of Modern Art) which ended in April 2009.  Do you see the similiarities?  If you'd like to see more of the exhibit, you may visit the article in the Los Angeles Times here.

On the platform, I began gluing skulls one on top of the other until they were a small pile.

Right in the center, I pushed the wooden skewer through the cardboard platform and down into the Styrofoam.  These reminded me of the Burton film Corpse Bride.

I used a paint similar to the bones of Mr. Pumpkinhead to paint the skewer.

Allow to dry.

Set Mr. Pumpkinhead right onto the dowel/skewer. 

Arrange to your liking and hot glue into place.

All set!  Cute and spooky, isn't he?

Where to buy:

Mr. Pumpkinhead figurine, K-Mart
Plastic skulls, The 99¢ Store
Paint, Wal-mart
Wooden skewer, local grocery
Cardboard, Hobby Lobby
Coffin, a lucky find at a local thrift, items similar are sold at Michael's Crafts

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  1. This really turned out cool! I love the pumpkin head figure:@)

  2. Wow, that is a cool centerpiece! Love the look of your black/white table too, just perfect. Enjoyed watching you create! thanks for the visit yesterday!

  3. I love the centerpiece! Looks really spooky.And the whole table is awesome-bonkers in a good way :-D

    1. Tim is the king of awesome-bonkers! :)
      Thanks for stopping in!