Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall-Infused Witches' Broom Swag

Hello, dear friends!  Thank you so very much for visiting my blog!  I haven't written here in quite some time, but today I felt inspired.  :)

It is officially Fall, with Halloween a short time away. Most folks decorate for early Fall beginning in September, and by the time October rolls around, they are ready with their spooky items. 

Unfortunately, I am shamefully behind on getting my outdoor décor Fall or Halloween-friendly, oh dear.  My solution:  Outdoor swags that incorporate both Halloween and Autumnal elements, thus making the transition to late fall an easier one. I hope you enjoy the post!

You will need:

A witches' broom
Fall foliage swags
Burlap ribbon
Burlap or hemp twine 
Industrial-strength Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Mini pumpkins

For this project, I used a total of five fall swags.  One each of sunflowers, one each of darker foliage with an acorn per broomstick, and I split evenly one last swag of autumn leaves. 

Bead glue onto the broomstick.

I placed the sunflower swag first.  Hold in place until the glue cools.

Bead glue on top of the swag stem.  Add your second swag. 

Hold in place while glue is still hot,

and wrap a bit of raffia around to bind.

The glue is very hot, so I used the tip of my scissors to hold in place until the glue cooled.

Next, I added the remaining Fall foliage upside down on the broomstick opposite the other swags.  Repeat the process of binding with raffia.  Set aside.

Cut a piece of burlap to size, one for each of your broomsticks.

On the reverse side of your broomstick, bead a small amount of glue to hold the ribbon in place.  Tie your ribbon.  The ribbon should cover the raffia binding.

The broomsticks come equipped with a hanger at the top, so I simply hung it on one of the wrought iron swirls of my front door.

I pulled the swag at an angle and tied it down with a small bit of raffia.

Another shot. 

  Here is a close-up of each side.  Right.


I thought they were missing something, so I decided to add a small pumpkin to each.  Remove the tag of each pumpkin, but do not remove the plastic.

Loop a small bit of burlap or hemp twine through the plastic, and tie to one of the stems on at the top of the broomstick.

All complete!!

Here are a of couple close-ups.  Right.


This was an easy project, and each swag ended up costing less than $5 to complete.
Where to buy:
Broomsticks, The 99¢ Store
Fall Foliage, The 99¢ Store
Mini pumpkins, The Dollar Tree
Hemp thread, I had on-hand from The 99¢ Store
Burlap Ribbon, Wal-Mart
Raffia, The Dollar Tree
I hope everyone is enjoying their Fall so far!  Thank you for visiting. 

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  1. Gorgeous job! I love your pretty brooms and on your pretty door they look perfect!
    Thanks for the tutorial and for your sweet visit. I have missed you pretty girl! I'm pinning this!

    1. Thank you so much! I especially appreciate your pinning it!! ❤❤