Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DIY Mackenzie-Childs Candles

Hello, friends!  How are you enjoying the cooler weather thus far?  I know I definitely am loving it!

Fall and Winter are such whimsical seasons!  Decorating during these seasons also can be.  I am a huge fan of Mackenzie-Childs, one of the most whimsical design houses I've ever seen.  Mackenzie-Childs has done a brilliant job of meshing fun and classical.  It saddens me that the company is no longer held by its creators, Victoria and Richard Mackenzie-Childs; they truly had some fabulous ideas.

I was perusing the internet in search of candles for a tablescape I was planning, when I came across these lovely beeswax candles created by an outside manufacturer for the brand.  Although not officially Mackenzie-Childs, these were created to compliment items from the collection.  Lovely, no?

Unfortunately, it was very recent when I found them, and I didn't want to pay a fortune to have them expedited.  I figured I could make my own version.  Here's my process.

You will need:

Plain white taper candles
A permanent marker
Wax paper
Scratch paper
Two-ply tissue or toilet paper

I began by marking my Kleenex at every two-inch interval.  Be sure to use a piece of scratch paper or it will bleed through.

Create stripes by coloring.  Do so delicately, or your tissue will tear.

Wrap the tissue around the candle and cut to size.  Remove the top layer of tissue.

  Wrap candle in wax paper cut to size.

Use a hair dryer to melt the tissue onto the paper.  The heat will melt the wax in the paper onto the wax of the candle. Once melted, the tissue will adhere to the candle. Remove and discard wax paper. Voila!

You can use this method for transferring any design you wish!  So fun!  To see these featured in my Tim Burton-inspired Halloween tablescape for 2014, visit the post on my other blog Parsimonious Décor Darling by clicking here

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  1. Thanks for sharing this tutorial for making the candles. I too like the McKenzie Childs style of decorating. It is a bit pricey for my blood but love to look!!!

    1. It is beautiful....I've always wanted maybe just one room decorated in Mackenzie-Childs....One day. :) Thank you for visiting!