Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Alice's Giant Playing Cards/ Queen of Hearts

As a very young child, I enjoyed books about fantasy and folklore. One of my favorites was Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I also loved the original animated film by Walt Disney. 
Now that I am a mother, I cannot think of anything more whimsical and fun than throwing an Alice-in-Wonderland party. 

To me, it just isn't an Alice in Wonderland party without giant card decorations. I scoured the Internet, and while I did find places that sold giant cards, most were very expensive or in the UK. I decided I could make my own. I used standard cardboard science fair poster display boards and poster paints. The poster board was approximately $10 at the local Wal-mart. I bought the poster paints at the dollar store.

Queen of Hearts

This is a little more difficult than my ace of clubs post because it required much more free-hand drawing. It is very imperfect, but that's the fun of a nonsensical world like Alice's. In hindsight, I'd suggest using tracing paper, draw one side, trace, and laminate both pieces onto the board. It will likely ensure more symmetry. 

I began again with a clean poster display board.

I used a heart cookie cutter as a template, then elongated the hearts.

Shown here. 

Next, I measured and hand-drew the Qs.

I used a very large level to create the border of the card.

Once the outside hearts and letters were painted, I repeated the process using a smaller heart for the inside hearts.  I used black paint to outline the border. 

Once dry, I began hand-drawing the first queen.

I tried as much as possible to do a step, flip the board, and repeat on the other side. I was hoping it would help the sides to match.


Most of the sketching complete. 

Once the sketching was complete, I used the $1 black poster paint to trace the lines.

Almost there......

Now, it's all about details. 

And painting, painting, painting. 

All painted and finally complete. The queen of hearts!! Now, just use duct or packaging tape on the perforated folds on the back of the card. If you like, you may even use packaging tape to laminate the card. 

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