Saturday, June 29, 2013

DIY Beach Themed Invitation

Summer is one of my all-time favorite seasons. It's a perfect time for the beach or backyard BBQ; a great time to enjoy the company of others. This is an easy tutorial about how to make a very cute, inexpensive beach-themed invitation. 

You will need
Craft or play sand (play sand is available at most hardware stores in large quantities)
Small jewelry boxes ($1 each at dollar stores with jewelry included, or buy in bulk online at a cheaper rate)
Small shells (I used a necklace from Walmart for this tutorial, it can make approximately 5 invitations $5)
Hemp thread
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Labels of your choice

Begin by removing jewelry from box and filling the box with sand

Dismantle necklace and place shells into the box of sand. 

Squeeze a line of glue all around the inside of the box

Place plastic back inside box and press down firmly. 

Tie hemp thread around the box, and label it according to your needs. 

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