Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DIY Mini Mad Hatter Hats

What Alice in wonderland party would be complete without a reference to the Mad Hatter!!? Oh, the joy of youtube! One can find almost anything via youtube, whether it be how to build, make, or repair something, or favorite musicians. I found a tutorial on youtube about how to make adorable mad hatter hats using styrofoam cups and paper.  My version uses fabric as well as other trimmings. If you'd like to see my instructions, read on......

Begin with an ordinary styrofoam cup ($1 for 20)

Approximately right in the middle of the cup, mark and cut.

It will be wobbly; hold into place until glue cools enough so that its position is set.It will be wobbly; hold into place until glue cools enough so that its position is set.

Once the cup is divided, cut lines perpendicular (toward) the base of the cup.

All the way around the cup. 

Once complete, fold over one of the sections and remove.

Next trim around the base removing the styrofoam until all that remains is the cup top ridge.

Now use this part as a template. In the video, paper was used; to me they were adorable, but I could still see portions of styrofoam exposed. I opted for fabric. I purchased these shirts from Susie's Deals for $2 each. I used approximately two shirts to make 15 hats.

Trace. You may even opt to double or triple up the fabric to template more than one circle at once.

Now, cut out your circles. 

Once complete, put hot glue onto the cup rim, and place firmly onto the pre-cut circle.

Next, push up and glue down the residual edges.

Now, add a ribbon of fabric to cover up the cup rim.

All complete. 

Next, cover the other half of the cup with fabric.

I tucked in and glued down the excess fabric. 

Now, flip over, and again, use this larger circle shape as a template. Once done, place glue along the parameter of the cup, and place onto the circle template. 

Flip over, and glue onto the previously made covered cup rim.

Add a feather. If possible, glue over the exposed seam.

Next add a ribbon of fabric in a contrasting color....trim and glue down. 

Next, create the Hatter's card. I used standard poster paper.

Glue onto your hat. 

Now, glue the whole hat onto a regular hair band.  It will be wobbly; hold into place until glue cools enough so that its position is set.

Here he sleeping Mad Hatter. Lol. 
You can use these instructions to make ANY kind of mini hat, queen of hearts, black top hats, et cetera.....the possibilities are as vast as your imagination!

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