Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY Victorian Potpourri Party Favors

Hello, friends!  Today's tutorial will be how to make adorable Victorian-inspired potpourri favors. These favors are perfect for weddings, tea parties.....any gathering for which you want party favors with a sweet, dainty appeal.  

I enjoy being out in my hand-planted garden.  I love an English garden, and wanted to emulate that feel. When I planted my garden, I paid special attention to planting pants that specifically said "attracts butterflies," or "attracts hummingbirds". These plants, such as sweet English lavender and other types of wild flowers are very fragrant, which make for excellent homemade potpourri. 

You will need:
Fresh trimmed fragrant small blooms
Plain or tea stained doilies 
Dryer sheets
Hemp thread
Hot glue gun and glue sticks 

Begin by clipping various plants. 

Gather them all together. How sweet is this?

Lay a tea-stained doily on your workspace ( you may visit my archives here to view the tutorial).

Place a cut-to-size dryer sheet on the doily (I prefer the fresh linen scent.  $1 for a package of 55 at the local dollar store).


Place flower mixture insider the dryer sheet and close with a tiny bit of hot glue. 

Tie with a bit of hemp thread and trim excess. This will make it easier to adorn with ribbons. Set aside. 

Next, dismantle the cameo earring (99¢ per pair at the 99¢ store) by removing its hook. 

Thread your ribbon through the hole in the cameo. 

And tie down. 

All finished!!

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