Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mini New Year's Top Hat Placecard Holders

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Party and soirée season is officially upon us, and I for one cannot wait until the new year!  The new year for me not only signifies renewal; it's also about change and resolutions I don't intend to keep 😊.  I cannot end the year without the traditional much fun!  Today's post features how to make mini top hat place card holders.  If you are planning a get together this season, I hope you enjoy this post.  

You will need:

Empty paper towel rolls
Black felt
Scrapbook paper of your choice
A ruler
An Exacto knife
1 gift box
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Small clocks
Wired ribbon

Begin by measuring your paper towel roll and marking it at every two-inch interval. 

Once marked, draw a line around the parameter of the roll. 

Once you have completed all the lines, cut apart the roll using your Exacto knife. 

You should now have several mini rolls.  Discard any excess.

Next, flatten out both sides of your gift box.

Use the cup to draw a circular template. Your cup rim should be larger in diameter than the paper towel roll, by approximately 1/4 inch.  


Cut out your circles. 

Next, bead glue onto the edge of a mini roll.

Place the roll onto your felt.

Trim around the felt, leaving a small bit extra.

Next, glue the extra down by beading glue onto it, and folding it over and pressing down.

Now, bead glue onto the side of the roll and place the felt.  The felt should cover the portion you just glued down; this will make it appear seamless.

Wrap the felt around so that it is long enough to cover the roll,

and trim it.  If you like, you may want to do this process without gluing it first, and use the first strip as a template.

Turn and glue, turn and glue, until the whole roll is covered.  Trim.

 Glue the final piece down, and press.

 Voilà!  Set aside.

Next, place your pre-cut circle onto the scrapbook paper of your choosing. Trace to make a template. 

Make one for each of your hats. Set aside. 

Now, to cover your little brims, bead glue onto one of your pre-cut circles.

Place onto your felt.  I did more than one to save time.

Cut around each circle. 

Bead a small amount of glue around each edge

and push upward, gluing down. 

Bead glue onto the surface. 

And place your scrapbook paper circle onto it. 


If you are making these hats for other occasions, you may glue your hat top onto the scrapbook surface, like so

However, since these are for New Years, I wanted my top hats to be completely black. Bead glue on the bottom edge of your hat top. 

And place onto your surface. 

Your hat is nearly complete. At the top of each, bead glue.  

Adorn each with one of your small clocks. 

Finally, add a strip of ribbon to each.   Make sure that directly on the front of the hat, you leave the ribbon unglued.  Glue the ribbon down everywhere else except that specific spot.  Complete!!  

Finally, place a labeled place card into the front of the top hat just underneath the ribbon where you left it unglued. 

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  1. These are absolutely adorable! What a wonderful idea!

    Thank you so much for visiting me today, and I wanted to wish you a by Happy New Year in return...



  2. What a clever idea! These place cards are adorable.
    Happy New Year.

    The French Hutch