Thursday, December 26, 2013

Easy Diy Clock Plates

Hello, friends!  Thank you for dropping by my blog!  Around March, I finally moseyed onto Pinterest, with the hopes that posting pics from my blog would increase and drive traffic back.  I am now a full-fledged lover of the site; there is just so much inspiration there!  While perusing one day, I came across a few wonderful pins. There were a plethora of pins showcasing decorative plates or cups made using dollar store serveware and a Sharpie. Unfortunately, not all of them offered a tutorial and were uploaded by pinners.  With New Years just a few days away, I wanted to do a quick post about how you can make your own whimsical plates festive for the holiday.  I hope you enjoy the post. 

For my plates: 

Four plates from the Dollar Tree
Silver Sharpie pin
Clean towel
A couple of stencils 
A credit card or other small straight edge

Begin with a clean plate.  I used a stencil to imprint numbers onto the plate.

Once I stenciled the numbers, I used the Sharpie to fill in the numerals a bit more, thickening and widening them. 

Here is the plate with the numbers stenciled on.  I placed a small circle right in the middle of the plate. 

Next, I used a credit card to draw the arms. 

I decided to make one modern,

one classic,

one with Roman Numerals,

and the final one I drew free-hand.

 Once the drawing was complete, I used a clean towel to remove any fingerprints.

Place plates into a cold oven and heat to 350 degrees. Fire for approximately 35 minutes.  Turn off oven, but do not remove the plates until the oven has cooled completely.

All set!  These plates would make a fun addition to your New Years Tablescape, or even an Alice in Wonderland theme!  

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  1. Both this and the top hat idea isgreat!
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