Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Easy Cranberry Christmas Pomander

Hello, Friends!!  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy holiday schedule to visit my blog!

Today's post will feature how to make a very festive and easy holiday pomander. 

You will need:

Large foam ornament $0.99 at the 99¢ Store
One cranberry spray $5 at Hobby Lobby
One glittery cranberry spray $0.75 at Hobby Lobby
One silver foliage spray $0.75 at Hobby Lobby
One Holiday Spray $0.99 at the 99¢ Store (for holly leaves)
Ribbon of your choice (I looove tartan for Christmas)
Crafting tool/scissors
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

First, I began by removing all of the foliage from the stems.

Next, I glued a few holly leaves onto the foam ornament.  Glue your berries onto the ball.  Be sure to stagger the dark, light, and sparkly berries along with the silver balls to avoid too much concentration of any particular color in any specific area. 

After gluing all the cranberries on, I glued two pre-made ribbons directly on top of the pomander, creating an x. 

Right in the center of the bows I placed one silver ball and glued it down.  A good thing about the branches of this particular spray is that they are very hard and sharp, almost like needles.  I opted not to remove the stems, and instead dotted glue and pushed them in as if they were a push-pin.  This prevents slippage.

Finally, I glued down the ribbon.

Here is the completed pomander. 

You may opt to hang these from door handles, car mirrors, or even chandeliers, such as I've done here.

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  1. Found you through Between Naps on the Porch and I'm glad I did! LOVE the kissing ball - on my to-do list! Thanks for sharing.
    One thing - you might want to look into adding a "pin it" button to your blog so that people can save and share your gorgeous creations.

    1. Thank you, Shelly! So glad you enjoyed the tutorial. The Pin It button is there, it's just at the very bottom of the page. Perhaps it'd be better if I put one on each pic.....sorry! :)