Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easy-Peasy Lavender Door Hangers

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Today's post will feature very simple door hangers that are fragrant and elegant, and will keep for several months. 

You will need:

Freshly trimmed English lavender 
Freshly trimmed Spanish lavender 
Rustic twine such as hemp thread
Burlap ribbon or rustic fabric
Wired ribbon of your choice 
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

I began by meandering around my garden.  My English lavender aren't grown in fully yet, boo-hoo...I'd prefer to use all English lavender because of the long, elegant stems.

My Spanish lavender were pretty full, so I decided to combine the two.  

I trimmed some of the English, and more of the Spanish. As you trim, it really brings to life the delicious fragrance of these wonderful herbs.  They smell just incredible!  

Before you bring these beauties indoors, I suggest you shake vigorously!  Ants and other little buggers love these plants.  Isn't this lovely?

Next, I separated the florals into two bunches.


Trim so the stems are symmetrical. 

Next, tie a bit of hemp thread around the bunch.  Leave a little excess hanging.  Wrap the thread around several times, binding it, and tie down using the excess thread you left from before.

Next, thread another small strand of the hemp thread through the binding you just created.

Tie in a knot, creating a loop.

Move your loop around so that the tied portion is next to the binding, this way it will be hidden.

Next, set your bunch on top of your burlap ribbon or rustic fabric. 

Glue down, then wrap around,

and glue down again. 

Press down to complete the closure. 

All complete!  Now, just hang on your door with the hemp thread loop you created.  If you like a rustic look, leave as is.

What is good about lavender is the scent is just as lovely fresh or dried, so these can last through the summer. 

Here are couple of closeups.

If you prefer, once hung, adorn your hanger with a ribbon bow made of wired ribbon.  Shown here.

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