Wednesday, April 2, 2014

O Happy Cross

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Sometimes in the rigmarole that is the hurry of the holidays, we can lose sight of what is important.  I know I have been guilty of succumbing to the constant images we are inundated with; consume, consume, consume.....not that I don't enjoy that.  :)  However, Easter Sunday will be here in a short time, so I wanted to create at least one craft reflecting my sentiment of what is truly important about Easter.  I hope you enjoy the post.  

You will need:

Wire hanger or floral arranging wire 
Faux spring blooms
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Wire cutters or other crafting tool
Writing utensil 
Wire ribbon or raffia in a different color of your choice
Large paper or poster board

Begin by creating a template on your paper or poster board.  Use the ruler to create a symmetrical cross shape.  I measured a three-inch top by three inch sides and arms, and on the lower portion, I measured ten by three inches.


Wire hanger instructions:
Remove the paper from the wire hanger, if needed
Unravel the top portion of the hanger. 
Stretch your wire out. 
Use the image you drew on the poster board as a template.  Mold your wire around the image as accurately as possible to create a form.  

Where the wire is disconnected, reconnect by using your tool.

Floral arranging wire instruction: 

Use the image you made as a template.  Mold your wire around the cross shape. The floral arranging wire is incredibly pliable and easy to mold. Use your cutting tool to trim excess, allowing a tiny bit of overlap. 

On the top of your cross, affix a small bit of raffia to create a hanger.  Create a loop. Overlap the raffia onto itself, and glue down with your hot glue gun. 

Make a loop and repeat. 

Next, bead a small amount of glue onto the form.  Wrap and glue, wrap and glue the raffia around the cross outline, and allow to cool.  

Where your cross is open (and there is overlap), glue together and wrap with raffia.  

Your form outline should now be completely covered. 

Now, wrap raffia completely around the entire form until it is completely covered, and repeat the same step at the end.  Wrap and glue, wrap and glue the raffia onto itself. Allow to cool. My desire was to create arustic cross, so perfection is not necessary. 

Once cool, glue your florals onto the front of your cross, and tie a raffia ribbon around the whole form.  All complete!  Here she is, hanging on my cabinet. This is an easy and extraordinarily inexpensive craft you may use as home décor, as a door hanger, a fun craft for children, or as gifts for friends.

Here is a closer look. 

All items in this craft courtesy of The Dollar Tree.  Have a blessed and wonderful Easter!

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