Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Joyous Christmas Centerpiece

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It is hard to believe that another Christmas is almost here!  As a youth, I often would scoff when I saw stores who displayed winter décor as soon as October, because I relished in Halloween.  As an adult, I welcome it with reckless abandon!!  Lol.  Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday after all.  The clock is tick tick ticking away, for soon it will be the most wonderful time of the year!  

Today's post features how to make an adorable and inexpensive Christmas centerpiece. 

You will need:  
One cork tile board
One mason jar
Two cranberry holiday swags
Two pinecone holiday swags
Two bird holiday picks
Wired ribbon 
Hot glue and glue guns
A plate or other round object for measuring
A small ruler
Crafting wire cutters

First, place a plate onto your cork tile. Use the chalk to draw a template. 

Cut out your circle. 

Now that you have cut out your circle, place the mason jar in the center.  Mark with chalk. 

You can now use a small ruler to make sure your mark is exactly in the middle of your circle.  Bead an generous amount of glue onto your mason jar,

And press it down where you have measured. 

Separate your foliage.

Now, slowly add the foliage around the perimeter of the base.  

I added the adorable birdies last, and garnished the centerpiece with ribbon.  Voilà!  You may use taper candles with marbles inside, or a pillar small enough to fit inside.  

Here is a view from the top.

Here is a closeup. 

You may opt to use a votive candle jar...I love all things rustic, so I used the mason jar.  I also wanted to showcase the detail of the candle, so utilizing a mason jar works better to achieve that effect.  You may also add fresh flowers in lieu of a candle. 

Like so. 

This centerpiece cost less than $10 to create. The mason jar, picks, and swags all came from the 99¢ store.  You can find cork at crafting stores or at Big Lots.  Have a happy and wonderful holiday season!

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