Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Simple Holiday Chair Swag

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Today's post will feature how to create an easy holiday themed swag for your dining room chairs.  As we are only a couple of weeks from Thanksgiving as I write this post, my fabric and ribbon choices reflect that theme.  However, you may use this tutorial for any holiday.

You will need:

Large bolt of fabric
Thin ribbon
Large ribbon
Holiday trim of your choice
Thin ornament hooks

Begin by folding the fabric over your chair. It is important to note that this project will only work on chairs with an open back.

Once you have folded the fabric over the back of the chair, cut the fabric. You now may use this piece of fabric as a template to cut your other pieces, as many as needed.  Cut to size.

The piece of fabric should be only a slight bit wider than the back of your chair.  Wrap the fabric around the chair back.

Pleat or fold the other side of the fabric (the back of the chair), shown here.  Tie with a thin piece of ribbon.

Use the excess ribbon shown here to thread through the bottom of your pinecone. Tie down and trim away excess.

Next, I pre-made burlap ribbon bows, one for each chair.  Thread one side of an ornament hook through your bow, and create a closure by twisting.

Thread the other side of the hook through the thin ribbon you've tied onto the chair.  Again, create a closure by twisting.  Adjust your bow so it is straight and upright.  Voilà!  All complete.

You way even add a holiday décor pick such as this.

Simply slide the long end behind your bow like I have done here.

My Thanksgiving table is rustic, so I opted not to iron the linen.  You may want to if you prefer a more streamlined look.  

For Christmas 2013, I added tartan fabric as well.

Where to find:

Burlap ribbon, Walmart 
Thin ribbon, Walmart 
Fabric, $12 for a whole bolt at a local thrift (almost always less expensive than other stores)
Ornament hooks, The Dollar Tree, $1 for 300
Holiday picks, Hobby Lobby $1.19 each
Pine cones, found locally, then cleaned

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