Monday, November 25, 2013

Kerig Cup Pilgrim Hats

Thank you for visiting my blog!  It will be Thanksgiving in just a few days, yum!   If you are like me, you enjoy the occasional cafe after a meal.  During the holidays, I especially love to serve my guests coffee with dessert.  I was so excited with the advent of the Kerig brewer!  So many possibilities!  I've even come up with my own signature drink recipes. To view the post on my blog Parsimonious Pabulum, click here.

Being that we drink coffee often, there are K-Cups which require disposal. I usually toss them, but the wheels in my head began turning earlier this week, so I set aside a few.  This post will feature how to turn a K-cup into an adorable pilgrim hat place setting.

You will need
K-cups, emptied and cleaned
Black felt
Burlap ribbon
Gold or orange heavy cardstock
Glue gun and glue sticks
A ruler
An Exacto Knife
Pen or pencil

First, bead glue onto the closed end of the k-cup.

Press onto your felt.

Trim around the felt, leaving a little extra.

Bead glue onto the extra felt.

Fold over and press down.

Bead glue onto the side of your k-cup.

Place a piece of felt onto it.  Rotate and glue, rotate and glue until the whole k-cup is covered.  Trim, and glue down completely. 

Trim any excess. 

Voilà. Set aside. 

Use the ruler to measure 3/4 inches. Mark. 

Draw a line across at the mark.

Mark again at every 3/4 inch interval. 

Cut out the squares. Using an Exacto, cut out a mini square in the middle of the square. These will represent your buckles. 

All done. Set aside. 

Next, cut out several felt circles, one for each hat.  The circle should be about 1/4 inch larger than the diameter of your k-cup.  Set aside. 

Bead glue onto the bottom portion of the k-cup. Glue a strip of burlap onto the edge.  Continue to glue down all the way around.

Now, fold over and repeat. I did this because the burlap I had on hand was very wide, and it had to be cut in half. You may be able to find a small enough burlap ribbon, so it won't be necessary.

Dot glue onto the seam. 

Place the buckle onto the glue. Be sure to leave a portion of your burlap ribbon open. Dot a small bit of glue next to your buckle.  

Adorn hat with a tiny maple leaf. 

I used the maple leaves off of this garland that I found at Anna's Linens. 

All set!

Finally, place a labeled name card (mine is made of scrapbook paper) just inside the ribbon. 

To view how I used these in this place setting, you may visit the post in my blog Parsimonious Décor Darling, by clicking here.

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