Saturday, March 22, 2014

DIY Pastel Victorian Tea Sachets

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I am a lover of antique lace, and in one of my previous posts, I discussed how to wash lace in coffee or tea to create your own antique lace.  However, with Easter forthcoming, I though it may be fun to create something completely kitschy and fun, so in this post, we will create sachets, this time in fun colors indicative of the Spring season.  

You will need:

Lace doilies
Food coloring
One bowl for each color you are creating
Tea bags
Hemp thread
Small cameos

To make a pastel colored lace doily, drip a minimal amount of food color into your bowl. If you use too much color, the doilies will come out dark.

Wash (allow to soak) in the color for approximately twenty minutes, or until you achieve the desired color.  I wanted very light pastel colors, so I washed my doilies approximately five minutes.

Pat dry.

 Lay on a paper towel and allow to dry completely. Here are my lavender, pink, and baby blue doilies, sweet, no?

When your doily is completely dry, place an assorted tea bag right into the center.  I chose two of my favorites, Earl Grey and English Breakfast by Bentley.

Tie with a bit of hemp thread.  Trim.  Set aside.

Next, dismantle the cameo earring (99¢ per pair at the 99¢ store) by removing its hook. 

Tie down your ribbon onto the sachet. 

Right before you tie your bow, thread your ribbon through the hole in the cameo, and tie onto your sachet. 

All finished!!

*****Please note:  If these sachets are intended as gifts, use the hemp thread.  If you'd like to use them for a tea party, I'd suggest omitting the hemp for easier access to the tea.  

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  1. PP, these are DIVINE! I know exactly what I'm doing today. These will be the most awesome Mothers Day fundraiser for my daughters school dance troupe. I think I love! Warmest....Mimi xxx

    1. That sounds like a wonderful idea! So fun! Hope you're successful!! You may also like my other post, inside each doily is homemade potpourri. You can visit that post at

  2. adorable! what a great idea with the cameo earrings!