Saturday, March 8, 2014

Welcoming Spring Planter

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Wow!  The weather here in California is never typical....I am so glad I woke this morning to a beautiful sun finally indicative of Spring!  Rain, rain, go away!  Spring officially starts in just under two weeks, so I thought it was about time to start thinking about Spring and Easter décor. Today's post will feature an easy planter you can use for Easter or Spring.  

You will need:

One medium to large planter
Burlap bunny
Spring blooms
Faux colored eggs 
Tall wooden stake
Easter spray 
Spring or Easter signage 
Floral arranging foam
Styrofoam block
Industrial-strength hot glue gun and glue sticks

I began by removing the ribbon (typically used for hanging) from my Easter sign.  

Where the empty holes were, I added portions of the Easter spray. I disassembled the spray, split it into two even parts.

Thread the spray through the hole. 

Glue down. 

On the reverse side, I glued down the stems....

and added extra reinforcement by gluing a leaf over the stems. 

Hold in place until cool. 

Bead a generous amount of glue onto the blunt end of your stick.  Place onto your sign.

Here is a c
loseup of the completed sign. Set aside. 

Next, I created an Easter-egg topiary.  I began by gluing the eggs, one upon the other, 

until I created a small pile of eggs.

On top of the egg topiary (pile), I glued a small bow, which I created from the ribbon I removed previously from the signage. Set aside. 

Finally, for the planter.  I just love this planter!  Although it is pottery, it still resembles a basket....I was so excited to find it.  I love the basketweave detail!

Begin by stacking the floral arranging foam inside the planter to create a platform, gluing them together as you go along.  Allow dry time.

Push the sharp end of the sign into your styrofoam block. 

Bead glue into the hole you've just created, place the sign back inside. Allow to cool. 

Once cool, set the styrofoam on top of the foam stack. 

Press a few wooden dowels (or chopsticks) through all the levels for extra reinforcement. 

I set Mr. Rabbit on the styrofoam. 

Isn't he cute?  Not a bad deal at $12.99....

Almost or as charming as Pottery Barn's sitting bunnies, which are $29 each,

or their Beatrix Potter bunny, which is $34.

I glued his head and tail to the sign post,

holding each in place as it cooled. 

Add florals.  I love tulips for spring!  My intent was to have fresh flowers in a smaller planter fit just inside, but after going to all the home improvement stores, no one had tulips with full blooms yet....I guess it's too early in the season.  For now, I have to settle for faux.  Boo.  After I added the flowers, I placed the egg topiary just in front of Mr. Rabbit.

All finished!

I placed the planter just outside my front doors on top of the pedestal I have there. 

Where to buy:
Planter, $15.00 on sale at Rite Aid
Mr. Rabbit, $12.99 at Big Lots
Welcome sign, $1 at The Dollar Tree
Floral foam $1 each at The Dollar Tree
Eggs, $4.99 per package at Michael's Crafts
Florals, $3.99 each at Michael's Crafts
Easter spray, $1.99 at Michael's Crafts 
Wooden stick, $1.49 at Michael's crafts
Styrofoam, Walmart 

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  3. Very, very cute and a great tutorial too! Thank you for linking up to the Swing Into Spring Vignette Party.