Monday, March 10, 2014

Faux Farmhouse Eggs

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There is something so very charming about life on the farm.  Although I've never lived on one, as a little girl, I very much enjoyed my Grandmother's stories she regaled of her childhood on a farm in very rural Oklahoma.  

A little later in my youth, I was fortunate enough to live where we had a few animals, and there is nothing quite like fresh eggs!  In honor of Easter, I wanted to share how to create realistic looking farm-fresh eggs.  These can be used in tablescapes, in rustic or farm vignettes, as décor, and et cetera.  

You will need:
Styrofoam eggs
Paint brush
A tan base paint with peach undertones, or create following instructions.


I began by creating my color.  I am using what I have on-hand, however, you likely can find a similar color premade.  I mixed equal parts of Apple Barrel White (#20503) and Carmel Candy (#20779).  Sorry the bottles look so messy, lol.  These paints come from stock belonging to both myself and my children, and we craft often here. :)

Mix until colors are completely blended. 

Paint your egg with a very light hand using as minimal paint as possible.  Streaks are not only ok, they are welcomed!  You want the color to have demension, so varying light is also fine.  

Once painted, I used a cookie cooling stand to allow them dry time. They dry very quickly; the paint is absorbed by the foam. 

Once dry, paint tops and bottoms where you once held them, completely covering the styrofoam egg. Allow to dry.  Place into a basket, add a sprig of flowers....and there we have it! They look almost good enough to crack open!  :)

Where to buy:
Styrofoam eggs, The Dollar Tree
Floral sprig, The Dollar Tree
Basket, The Dollar Tree
Paints, 69¢ at Wal-mart

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