Sunday, March 16, 2014

Easy Spring or Easter Vignette

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Easter is just a few short weeks away...time to bid "Slàn go fóill (goodbye for now) to dear Saint Pat as well as his glorious green.  This tutorial is a simple and festive idea to welcome Easter and Spring into your décor.  I hope you enjoy the post.  

For one vignette, you will need:

A small wicker basket
2 packages Easter grass
Spanish moss
Assorted floral spray
Hemp or burlap thread
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

I began by stretching out the Easter grass to fit in the basket.  

Bead glue into the bottom of the basket.  

Add the Easter grass and press down.  Fluff back up.  

Add another layer of glue. 

Repeat the process. 

Along the sides in several places, glue your grass onto the basket.

Bead glue on top of your two layers of grass.

Add the Spanish Moss and press down. Arrange and glue down until all of the grass is covered, taking care to attach on the sides of the basket. Set aside.  

Next, my bunnies!!  ❤❤  I found this little darling on quick trip to the pharmacy. So cute!  

I wanted this ornament to be rustic, so I began by removing all of the pink accessories.

I added a burlap bow tie.  Much better!  

Bead a generous amount of glue onto the bottom of your bunny. 

Place into the basket and hold down until cool.

Repeat process with your babies.  I thought this would be such a fun idea!  Nothing spells Spring like babies and rebirth!  :)

Finally, in several places, I added little sprigs of flowers, gluing them into place.

All finished!

Where to buy:
Baskets, The Dollar Tree
Easter grass, The Dollar Tree
Spanish moss, The Dollar Tree
Florals, The Dollar Tree
Large bunny figurine, $2.99 each at Walgreens
Small bunnies, 2 for $5, CVS Pharmacy

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