Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wild Bird or Quail Eggs

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In just a few days, it will officially be Spring.  Spring to me and I'm sure to most is synonymous with new life....the bees buzzing, flowers blooming, the butterflies fluttering, and birds all a-twitter.  When I think of this season, I think of sweet little birds nesting.  

On Pinterest a little while ago, I happened across this beautiful and very charming photograph of a bird's nest in a terrifically rustic window.  Isn't that adorable?  Entitled Home For All Of Us, I think photographer Peter James of LincLinePhoto did a brilliant job capturing this moment. You may want to peruse other incredible snapshots by visiting his Etsy shop here.

I became inspired by it, as well as this royalty-free stock photo I found...
and thought it may be fun to replicate something similar as Spring décor. This tutorial discusses how to create my faux version of these sweet little lives. 

First, I began by creating my eggs using my faux farm-fresh egg tutorial.  You may visit that post in the archives by clicking here.  

Once my eggs were completed, I used the time-tested artists' technique of stippling the eggs.  Stippling is to paint, engrave or draw using dots or small touches.  To stipple your eggs, you can use a stippling brush, or a brush with very firm bristles. 

Dip your paintbrush into a minimal amount of paint.  To stipple, you basically firmly pull the brush bristles back and release them, splattering and spraying your eggs.  It is messy, so you will want to lay paper down to protect your work area.  I opted not to wear gloves; I feel there is better control of the brush without them.

It is inevitable that there will be some long-lined spatters, so to eliminate those, I used my finger to create larger spots, replicating the stock photo.

Allow dry time.  Finally, I placed these little guys into pre-made nests.  To view the nest tutorial, you may do so by visiting the post in the archives here.

All set!  

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